About Management Insights

Management Insights LLC is a full service consulting company with expertise in Healthcare and Pension Strategies, Social Media, Marketing and Business Development. Working through select partners and alliances we provide powerful and unique services proven to help business large and small reduce costs, find new customers and improve management.

Management Insights offers a comprehensive approach, which integrates leading-edge technologies and proven business practices to identify actionable insights that lead to alignment, growth and engagement with constituents and stakeholders.

We provide tools and leadership to identify and solve the critical challenges around creating, shaping and sustaining the enterprise and saving costs.
We work with the organization’s leadership, operating executives and elected officials in both the public and private sectors.

HEALTHCARE AND PENSION STRATEGIES Implant device claims review Dependent eligibility audits Out of Network adjudication Alternate imaging networks Post adjudicated claims recovery Catastrophic claims negotiation OPEB/GASB compliance and review

FRAUD AND RISK MITIGATION Fully Managed Identity Fraud Recovery for Consumers and Small Businesses

SOCIAL MEDIA AND MARKETING Proprietary Market Research Studies E-MAIL Marketing Programs On-line Surveys Event Marketing Services Media Strategy Social Media Training

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Corporate Alignment Programs

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