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safebizManagement Insights Partner NXG Strategies SafeBiz is The Essential Small Business Risk Management Program

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If a data breach occurred today, who would you call?

SafeBiz, a first-to-market program, provides an experienced resource to expeditiously respond to a data breach, effectively minimizing the financial impact, regulatory issues, and brand damage a small business could face.

Small Business Credential Monitoring
A highly sophisticated monitoring program that warns if important credentials of the business have been compromised. Up to 25 credentials of the business’ choosing are monitored continually across thousands of black market internet sites. New or suspicious activity immediately generates an email and text message alert to the small business contacts.

Business Fraud Remediation
A certified, tenured Business Recovery Advocate is assigned to the case and dedicated throughout recovery to remediate incidents of fraud committed by known or unknown parties involving the business’ name or other identifiers such as tax ID number, account numbers, purchase order numbers, payroll checks and others.

Data Breach Risk Mitigation
Includes professional identity theft research and remediation for up to 100,000 persons affected by the breach, a no-cost web enrollment set-up for credit monitoring, and a low discounted cost only for activated users of the monitoring service. An end-to-end customized Breach Response Plan is provided that gives professional breach preparation and management, including drafting customer notification letters, employee talking points, FAQs and other PR needs.

Employee Benefit
Protection, at the owner’s discretion, can be extended to include all employees and their families (3 Generation Protection) at no extra charge. This benefit serves to improve employee loyalty and allow employee and owner ID theft and fraud victims to remain focused on work, confident that their recovery is being handled by experts.

Data Security Guidance
Membership includes comprehensive information, security and readiness guidance for small business that is easy to understand. Education and awareness will help the small business owner manage the risk of data breach incidents, business entity and employee fraud.

Businesses Eligible for SafeBiz
The SafeBiz program is available for any business; medical, dental, and law practice; or professional organization that is privately held and employs less than 100 full time individuals. This scope includes proprietorships, partnerships, practices, limited partnerships, limited liability companies or corporations properly organized under the laws of the state of its organization.

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