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compresensive protectionManagement Insights Powerful Identity Fraud protection tools are designed around your needs.  Management Insights processes prepare the business so that it is as protected as possible against the threat of a breach or theft protect and to engage an identity theft solution provider  should a breach or theft occur

Management Insights projects include:

  • Compensative reviews of the systems, policies and procedures that relate to identity theft
  • All the  information necessary to manage and control sensitive information. We will take stock of what you collect and store, where you keep it, which has access to it, and the protections in place
  • Decrease your liability by reducing the amount of information you collect
  • Develop a data retention policy to destroy sensitive information when there is no longer a business need to have it.
  • Work with the staff to develop and implement a response plan should a breach or theft occur
  • Reduce the cost of a breach, should it occur, in collaboration with a best in breed identity theft solution provider
  • Provide ongoing training and support

Small businesses ignore the threat of identity theft and data breaches at their peril.

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